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Harness the Power of AI and Machine Learning
  • Access a wide variety of smart tools and algorithms for your business.
  • Reach more potential customers without spending a fortune or waiting for clicks.
  • Drive visitors straight to your websites and sales channels, increasing sales.
  • Get valuable contact information from visitors, even if they don't fill out your form.
  • Discover the simplicity of using AI and Machine Learning to boost your marketing and grow your business like never before!
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A significant number of clients successfully utilize our data for laser-focused direct mail campaigns. We stand by our commitment to quality with a no-questions-asked replacement guarantee. Elevate your marketing strategy and make a lasting impression with our expertly curated data for high-impact direct mail campaigns!


Many satisfied clients leverage our data to create highly targeted audiences for Google Ads and Meta Ads campaigns. We confidently guarantee and offer data replacement until your order achieves a perfect match with your desired custom audience.


Discover the Ideal Leads with Our Business and Consumer Databases
Our comprehensive databases offer a wealth of potential leads for your upcoming auctions. Utilize multiple search options to identify the perfect audience and drive engagement.


We are committed to providing you with high-quality prospects that include mobile phone numbers. Our guarantee ensures the replacement of any contact without a mobile number, empowering your marketing efforts with uninterrupted mass SMS and ringless voicemail campaigns.



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Misc. Data/Lists

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C-suite Leads
Investor Leads
Non Profit Leads
Attorney Leads
Final Expense Leads
Healthcare Leads
Business Lending Leads
Health Insurance Leads
Insurance Leads
Credit Leads
Finance Leads
Medical Leads
Tax Leads
Solar Leads
Residential Solar Leads
Commercial Solar Leads
Medical Benefits Leads
CEO Leads
CFO Leads
CMO Leads
Business Owner Leads
Partner Leads
Bankers Leads
Government Employee Leads
Consulting Leads
Life Insurance Leads
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B2B (Business) Lists

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Fintech Leads
Insurance Leads
Tax Leads
Accounting Leads
Tax Credit Leads
Appliance Repair Leads
Car Sales Leads
Distributor Leads
HVAC Leads
Software Leads
SaaS Leads
Technology Leads
Financial Leads
B2B Leads
B2C Leads
B2B Merchant Cash Advance Leads
B2B Business Lending Leads
B2B Equipment Financing Leads
B2B MCA Leads
Health Insurance Leads
Affiliate Leads
Real Estate Leads
Business Broker Leads
Business Leads
Auto Insurance Leads
Construction Leads
Home Repair Leads
Car Repair Leads
Life Insurance Leads
HealthCare Leads
Medicare Leads
Final Expense Leads
Employee Health Insurance Leads
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Types of B2B and B2C Data Lists

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Exact Salary from
Public records Data
Salary Data
Married household Leads
Automobile Year Data
Automobile model Data
Mailing Address Leads
Rental Leads
Households with kids Leads
SIC Data
Years in Home Data
Website Data
Business Addresses Leads
Previous Mailing Address Leads
Consumer Leads
Homeowner Leads
Rental Leads
Business Leads
New Business Leads
Life Insurance Leads
Mobile Phone Number Lists
Health Insurance Leads
Email Leads
Mobile Phone Number Lists
Household income Data
Annual Revenue Data
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What our customers

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That’s the main thing people are controlled by! Thoughts- their perception of themselves!

Daniel Thompson
2 min read

"Data-to-leads' B2C, Consumer block-targeted leads have been a game changer for my solar installation business. Targeting specific areas increased my chances of closing a sale and the leads' accuracy made outreach more efficient. Resulting in a significant increase in solar sales. I highly recommend Data-to-leads for the solar industry"

Debby Jones

"Data-to-leads B2B leads have revolutionized my insurance sales. The targeted and relevant leads have led to a significant increase in conversions and revenue. Highly recommend for boosting insurance sales success"

Robert Macks
2 min read

"Data-to-leads' AI-generated B2B leads have been a game changer for my lending business. The leads were highly targeted and accurate, resulting in more approved loans and revenue. Their AI prospecting center also freed up my time to focus on closing B2B deals. I highly recommend Data-to-leads for any B2B lending professional."